Membership Information:

The MKYRA secretary is taking memberships for the 2024 season. When joining or renewing please have two (2) notarized, signed copies of the membership form along with a copy of your child’s birth certificate.  If you are in the Senior Division (ages 14-19 as of January 1, 2021) please have a copy of your current high school grade card attached. If you are home schooled we will need a copy of your grades to date along with a letter stating that you are home schooled signed by a director of your program.  If you are unable to print the membership forms please request a copy from the MKYRA Secretary.  Memberships can be emailed, mailed, or given in person.  Please remember membership dues are to be paid prior to the start of the rodeo in order for points to count. 

Membership dues will be $75.00 as of the First of January of the current rodeo season. For multiple family members of the same household, they will pay an additional $40.00 per family member.

Each year members will also be required to EITHER sell raffle tickets as a part of our fundraiser or get a sponsor for a maximum amount of $300.00 Your money will be required to be turned in for the raffle tickets or money sponsor (total of $300) by July 1 of that rodeo year to qualify for finals. 

Membership in the MKYRA is from the Beginning of the Rodeo Season through Finals (January to December). Previous members must pay dues by the first rodeo of the new season.

Any Person Directly Involved With Or Associated With MO-KAN IN Any Manner Who Is Found In Violation With Any Rule Printed Within The RuleBook May be Fined By the MKYRA Board Of Directors.

All Parents And Contestants Are Responsible For Reading And Being Knowledgeable Of The General Membership Rules And Rules For Their Specific Event(s).


You can either print out a membership form, or visit our app and fill out online. Thank you. Please mail Membership Applications (Notarized, Birth Certificate and Proof of Grades (if in Senior Division) to:

Kelsey Allen
27285 HWY E
Harris, MO 64645


MKYRA has adopted the National High School Rodeo Association RuleBook as it’s first source of clarification if in any case the current MKYRA RuleBook does not clearly cover an event rule.

National High School Rodeo Association Rulebook