2019 MKYRA Royalty Competition Information

2019 MKYRA Little Miss Horsemanship Pattern
MKYRA Royalty

2019 Queen
Ella Heineman 


Ella Heineman is 15 years old. The daughter of Russell and Lisa Heineman. Ella is homeschooled a Freshman. She has been in MKYRA for 3 years now. Her events are Sr. Girls Barrels, Sr. Girls Poles, Sr. Girls Goat Tying, and Sr. Grils Breakaway.

2019 Princess
Josie Moore

Josie Moore is 14 years old. The daughter of Steve and Lisa Moore. Josie goes to Harrisonville Middle School and is in 8th grade. She really likes representing the organization as Princess for MKYRA. Josie has been in MKYRA 9 years now.  Her events are Jr. Girls Barrels, Jr. Girls Goat Tying, and Jr. Girls Poles
2019 Little Miss
Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue McEwan is 8 years old. The daughter of Mike and Amber McEwan. Peggy Sue goes to Appleton City Middle School she is in 3rd grade. Her horse's name is Squaw. Every time she rides in an arena she dedicates her run to her cousin Emmett Heiserman. Peggy Sue has been in MKYRA for 4 years. Her events are Peewee Barrels, Peewee Poles, and Peewee Goat Untying.